Guidance for Going Back to the Office

As employees consider heading back to the office after covid, they'll experience a new workplace.  From face masks to touchless technologies, the post-COVID workplace will look very different to address new norms like social distancing, temperature checks and contact tracing. Check out our resources for guidance, information and best practices for re-entering the post-COVID workplace.

Is There a Touchless Office in Your Future?

As businesses around the world cautiously reopen or plan for a reopening, office managers will need to take a hard look at removing shared surfaces from the workplace.
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Here's What to Expect When Heading Back to Work After COVID

As offices begin to re-open since COVID, organizations are revisiting their plans to address new normals, like social distancing and contact tracing.

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COVID-19 Phase 2: Preparing Your Workplace and Remote Workforce

What steps should you take to prepare for adhering to social distancing guidelines? How can you ensure compliance with your records and information management, privacy and security policies?
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Envisioning the Post-COVID Workplace

As people cautiously return to the office in the coming months, they will find a workplace transformed by COVID-19. 
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What to Expect as Offices Re-open in a Pre-vaccine Environment

In part one of the three part interview, experts discuss how resiliency has superseded efficiency as organizations meet the challenges of the pandemic. The experts also discuss what to expect as we prepare offices for re-entry in a pre-vaccine environment.

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Business Continuity Plans Must Evolve for the Post-COVID World

Few organizations had business continuity plans in place that could fully prepare for a global pandemic. While many are still struggling to adapt to the new reality, it’s not too early to note the lessons of COVID-19 as they think ahead to future business continuity plans.

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Pandemic Preparedness Checklist for Businesses Preparing to Reopen

As businesses around the world cautiously reopen their doors, managers will be confronting a workplace forever changed by the pandemic. 

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