During the COVID-19 pandemic, one healthcare organization struggled to: 
  • obtain the necessary personal protection equipment (PPE) for their field home healthcare providers
  • distribute the PPE items once they had arrived at either their corporate office or on the west coast in a warehouse 
  • manage the amount of required kits and time it takes to compile them; requests for kits fluctuates from 3,800 to 166,000 kits per month
Iron Mountain stepped in to shoulder the burden of inventory management, tracking and fulfillment.
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Space and

Iron Mountain helped offload the space and resource burdens of managing bulk orders by receiving shipments directly from the healthcare organization or their supplier.

Scanning &
labeling shipments

Iron Mountain scanned and labeled shipments upon receipt to provide the healthcare organizations with up-to-date inventory tracking and online ordering.

Packaging, labeling, scanning & deploying kits

Iron Mountain packaged, labeled, scanned and deployed the kits to the healthcare organization’s 750+ locations to provide the appropriate PPE supplies to ensure the safety of the home healthcare providers and their patients during COVID19.