Iron Mountain Clean Start Assessment


Do you need a Clean Start?

If you're gearing up for a workplace transformation project and are wondering how to clear out your current workspace, Iron Mountian can help.
Take this assessment to see if you're ready for a Clean Start.
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Question 1: Select a vertical.

Question 2: Select the number of your employees.

Question 3: What is the square footage of your workplace? If you have more than one location select multiple.

Question 4: What is your organization's primary driver for pursuing a workplace transformation project? Select all that apply.

Question 5: Is your current workplace meeting the needs of your business?

Question 6: How are your records stored? Select all that apply.

Question 7: Where are your records stored? Select all that apply.

Question 8: Are your files stored in other formats? Select all that apply.

Question 9: As it relates to paper records, please pick one of the options below to estimate volume.

Question 10: Do you have a Records Retention Schedule?

Question 11: How often is your Retention Schedule evaluated and/or refreshed?

Question 12: Does your Retention Schedule manage both physical and digital records?

Question 13: Does your organization adhere to established Records and Information policies and practices?

Question 14: Do you securely shred paper records?

Question 15: Does your organization have a clean-desk policy?

Question 16: Are your outdated IT Assets securely destroyed by a qualified vendor?

Question 17: Are your records and IT assets destroyed according to a Retention Schedule?

Question 18: Is your organization undergoing a digital transformation?

Question 19: How much of your information is created and accessed digitally? 

Question 20: What percentage of your current workflows are manual (paper-based)?

Question 21: Are your paper records scanned and stored digitally?

Question 22: Do you retain the hard-copy originals of digitized documents?