Ensuring and maintaining data privacy is more important than ever before. With the implementation of major regulations like CCPA and GDPR, the enactment of privacy laws in various countries and states as well as the growing number of data breaches, organizations need to treat every day like Data Privacy Day.

The Ethics of Privacy: The Interview

In this interview, Michael Zurcher, Global Privacy Officer and Senior Director at Iron Mountain, talks about important points to consider when it comes to the ethics of privacy.

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Guidance for COVID-19 Privacy Regulations

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging how organizations operate and manage information. Here is a comprehensive overview of worldwide regulatory and DPA guidance.

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Telehealth and Privacy in the Time of COVID-19

The question is: Given this pandemic, is it ok to relax privacy and security requirements when it comes to telehealth?
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Australia Enters the Era of Open Banking: Consumer Data Rights Bill of 2019

In July 2019, the Australian Parliament enacted legislation that will grant consumer the right to "own" their personal data.

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Nevada Law Grants Consumers Right to Opt-Out of "Sales" of Personal Data

Nevada is updating the state's privacy laws to provide consumers with the right to opt-out of the sale of their personal information.
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Physical Meets Digital: Mastering Data Privacy and Information Governance in a Post-GDPR World

This webinar will demystify the GDPR and offer an understanding of your responsibilities under the new law as well as best practices to help stay compliant in a post-GDPR world.
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Privacy vs. Security Matters to Consider When Reopening

As the world re-emerges from shutdowns due to COVID-19, organizations are balancing the need to protect their employees and customers with an obligation to protect the privacy of workers and their families. It’s a challenging moment.
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Maine Passes One of the Nation's Strictest Privacy Laws

Maine has passed arguably one of the nation's strictest privacy laws.
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Cayman Islands Data Protection Law: Live September 2019

On September 30, 2019 the Cayman Islands Data Protection Law (DPL) went into effect.

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Prioritizing CCPA
Privacy: Managing Your Organization's Personal Data

For an organization to manage personal data responsibly and in compliance with regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) it needs to know exactly what "personal data" is.

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Stockpiling for Brexit? Understand Your Short and Long-term Storage Options

In preparation for the upcoming Brexit deadline, organisations are rushing to find temporary or long-term storage for their data and assets.

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Prioritizing CCPA Privacy: Understanding the Importance of ILM

No matter how experienced an entity may be, compliance is a daunting task in this regulatory landscape. So, where should an organization begin? With a successful information lifecycle management process in place.

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Data Breach Reporting on the Rise, According to IAPP Research

According to IAPP's latest Annual Privacy Governance Report for 2019, although data breach reporting is on the rise, not all organizations account for their breaches.

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Best Practice Guidance: Information Security and Privacy for Remote Workers in a Time of Crisis

Organizations across the globe are facing unparalleled challenges during the COVID-19 crisis and many employees are working from home for the first time. Here are best practices to ensure information is managed as compliantly from home as from the office.

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New Brazil Data Protection Law: What it Means for Global Organizations

On August 14, 2018, the president of the country approved the Brazil General Data Protection Law, which governs the circumstances in which so-called personal data can be processed.
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Manage Your Privacy Journey: GDPR, CCPA and Beyond

It's time for organizations to step back and reevaluate where they are on their privacy compliance journey and map their course for the future.
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Is it Time for a Federal U.S. Data Protection Law?

With GDPR, and countries like Brazil and states like California and New York passing their own data protection laws, is the next step for the United States to pass a federal data protection law of its own?
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China's Data Protection Laws Go Further Than GDPR

China’s data protection laws have been presented as a response to the data security threats facing the nation.
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A Cautionary Tale for GDPR Article 5 Compliance

Recent actions by data protection authorities in the European Union demonstrate that they're more than willing to enforce GDPR Article 5.

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Prioritizing CCPA Privacy: Data Migration for "Offline" Records

With all of the talk about complying with the CCPA, extending its protections to an entire customer base and adhering to similar laws around the globe, data migration should be top-of-mind.

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Prioritizing CCPA Privacy: Managing Data Retention and Privacy Together

With organizations focusing on compliance with the CCPA, it's important to understand that managing privacy and data retention go hand-in-hand.

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Data Compliance in a World of Data Privacy Concerns

We live in an age where we have the ability to collect and utilize more data than ever. As the amount of data we're responsible for increases, so do concerns that we're handling it properly.

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Prioritizing CCPA Privacy: Revisit Your Data Backup Strategy

Businesses subject to the CCPA may need to revisit their data protection backup strategies so that personal information in not inappropriately stored or restored.

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How Modern Internet Usage Traps Users in a Privacy Paradox

Many internet users are quick to complain about their online privacy. However, at the same time, they freely provide their most sensitive personal information to websites just to use an application.

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Prioritizing CCPA Privacy: Disposal of Personal Data

Businesses subject to the CCPA may need to revisit their data protection backup strategies so that personal information in not inappropriately stored or restored.

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Privacy vs. Transparency: Managing the Data and Records of a Pandemic

Better understand the impact of the intersection of privacy compliance and transparency for the public good. This video features guidance from privacy, RIM and compliance subject matter experts and includes best practices for managing COVID-19 related information.

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Create an Airtight Privacy Program: Manage Privacy and Retention Together

Privacy is more of a priority than ever. With new, heavy-hitting regulations being introduced nationally and globally, as well as news about high-profile data breaches and mishandling of private information by companies, it's not hard to see why.
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