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Question 1

What type of software do you provide?
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Question 2

Does your software support customer-facing functionalities or does it support back-office functions?

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Question 3

Is this software stand-alone or embedded in your customer's products(s)?
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Question 4

Do you operate your software on-premises or as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application?

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Question 5

Is the database in your application single or multi-tenant?

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Question 6

Do you provide business continually for your customers through real-time application and data replication?

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Question 7

Is this software currently protected by an escrow agreement?

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Question 8

In what year was your company founded?

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Question 9

How is your company funded?
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Question 10

Where is your company headquarters based?
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Question 11

Do you serve B2B or B2C markets?

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Question 12

Do you sell to Fortune 1000 companies in any of the following industries:

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