how long did it take for digitisation
to impact your bottom line?

•   What did you save on paper and printing?

•   What about in storage space and equipment?

•   Any savings in related resources like personnel, business insurance or utilities?

84% of organisations achieve payback in under 18 months
How many employee hours are you
saving due to improved workflows?
•  How much faster can you find information?
•  Has collaboration across offices improved?
•  How much more productive or efficient are business processes?
Employees can spend up to 40% of their day looking for paper files
How much time and labor are you
saving by making compliance easier?
•   How much more accurately can you provide information for audits?
•   How much faster can you find information to satisfy or avoid audits?
•   Has there been a reduction in fines?
non-compliance fines can reach millions of pounds
How is digitisation affecting customer
satisfaction and retention?
•   How much faster are you responding to customer requests?
•   Are you seeing a reduction in errors or wasted time in serving customers?
•   Is it easier to meet and exceed expectations?
56% of organisations still rely on paper-based contracts and orders